Andy-Lynn II
10 Town Warf. Plymouth MA
The ANDY-Lynn II is a Coast Guard Certified vessel and safety is our number one concern.  Aboard the ANDY-LYNN II your enjoyment and pleasure is next.  We want you to have a fun, exciting and rewarding experience. 

This means catching fish!

When you come aboard you become a member of the crew, and part of a little family, out for the day to have fun, enjoyment and excitement.  A day to remember for a long time.

While I can't guarantee it 100% (mother nature is like that), I am pretty confident that with over 61 years (4 Generations) of experience on these waters and state-of-the-art electronics (radar, fish finding, chart plotter, etc.) my goal as your captain is to make sure that everyone does catch fish.

Sometimes you will get one and loose it, (we all do, even me!)

We will keep trying until you get one on aboard.  We do this for each person- young, old, boys, girls, mothers fathers - everyone.

So come aboard the ANDY-Lynn II Boat and have a great time

The Andy-Lynn II normally sails twice a day during the summer months from 10 Town Wharf, Plymouth MA. and can accommodate up to twelve people.  Click here to view our charters.  We can be reached day or night at 508-746-4558